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Spurt Time Bank

Welcome to your Friendly Neighborhood TimeBank

The Friendly Neighborhood TimeBank was started in 2012 with three main goals:

Spurt Time Bank

SPURT is Better than Currency and is backed and recognized officially. SPURT was created to make it easier to do business with money that is not subject to inflation or devaluation. Use it to do business with other SPURT account holders and create new opportunities.
Because SPURT is, next to its unique characteristics, also a Complementary Currency.  The community/complementary currency sector continues to evolve and provides the most creative and interesting innovative initiatives in the industry. They typically issue a physical “scrip currency” that circulates through the system. Complementary currency organizations also have a clear identifiable social purpose, be it to improve the local economies, poverty alleviation, improve volunteer participation and/or youth and elderly services.
Combining these programs help serve the limitation of timebanking by itself.
TimeBanking is a way of giving and receiving to build supportive networks and strong communities. One hour helping another earns one TimeBank Hour (also called time credits, service credits or time dollars.) TimeBanking builds on the magic of “pay it forward,” one good turn leading to another and another.